System76 Oryx Pro Review

This past weekend I was sent a System76 laptop to review (Thanks guys and gals!). So the first thing I did was install the latest Kubuntu release (17.04) and added the System76-Driver PPA.

Laptop Link


System Specs:
CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz
Right Side:
Headphone Jack Microphone Jack
S/PDIF Jack SIM Slot
MMC Slot Type-C Port
Type-C Port USB 3.0 Port
Ethernet Port KensingtonĀ® Lock
Left Side:
HDMI Port USB 3.0 Port
Display Port Display Port
Back Side:
USB 3.0 Port Power Port

USB Type C ports are a great thing to see as more and more devices are coming with it over Micro USB, sadly these are pushing power out and not taking it in. I personally can’t wait for the future where I can use the same cable to charge my phone or tablet to charge my laptop (I’m not counting that silly MacBook).


Oh does this display take the cake in color and clearness, it’s just fanatisic. Once I installed the NVIDIA driver the scaling was a bit off but once I went though the DPI scaling settings and rebooted it everything got back to normal (other then SDDM but that’s a software issue not hardware).


I tried out some of my favorite games such as Shadow Warrior, Planetary Annihilation and Dying Light. First up is Shadow Warrior, I thought let’s raise the bar up to Ultra settings! That didn’t stop the Orxy Pro at all, full 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) though every fight the only time it went down even a bit was for the cutscrenes. But I think any gamer would rather keep it high during the main action!

As I did for Shadow Warrior I throw Planetary Annihilation into it’s “Uber” setting aka Ultra settings and once again the Orxy didn’t even sweat with the framerates. From the animation to the sound effects, every element of this game was top notch on this machine.

For Dying Light it was even more special as I took the laptop to SouthEast LinuxFest (SELF) up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I installed OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) to livestream my playing the game on Ultra settings on YouTube on the Kubuntu Podcast channel. This laptop played that game no issues and was super smooth, it even impressed my friend on how well it handled the game. I was very lovely to play with the Stream Controller which I used for all these games but Planetary Annihilation as it’s an RTS(Real ime Strategy) which is not very easy on the Steam Controller but possible.


For laptop speakers these things are very nice and great for watching and listening to all sorts of content from podcasts to video game playthroughs.

The Keyboard:

All the keyboard shortcuts for brightness and sound worked right out of the box. Loved seeing the Ubuntu logo instead of that Windows logo <3. It was a pure joy to type on from replying to messaging on telegram to IRC usage.


  1. Hi – you mention how nice the display it. Is it readable outdoors in full sunlight?


    1. I didn’t use it outdoors so I can’t comment on how well it is.


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