New job, new location, new life.

I’m not updated this blog for quite a bit of time, sorry about that! A LOT has happened since I reviewed the System76 Oryx Pro, I’ve moved to Denver Colorado […]

System76 Oryx Pro Review

This past weekend I was sent a System76 laptop to review (Thanks guys and gals!). So the first thing I did was install the latest Kubuntu release (17.04) and added […]

Kubuntu Artful Cycle work - Part1

This cycle I’ve decided to look at what art and design I can improve in Kubuntu. The first was having something we’ve never had, a wallpaper contest that’s available to ALL […]

LFNW 2017!

LinuxFest NorthWest was a fantastic time for me, our Ubuntu booth had Valorie (Kubuntu), Simon (Kubuntu/Lubuntu) and over at the Jupiter Broadcasting we had the awesome Martin Wimpress (Ubuntu Mate). […]

I’d like to first thank the amazing Ubuntu community for funding this trip to promote all *buntu’s, provide a face to face for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Lubuntu contributors to plan […]

A very bright future ahead.

It’s only half way though October but it has already been a very busy month for us at Kubuntu. We have welcomed Rik Mills (acheronuk on IRC) as a new […]

A few weeks again I told you all about a super cool project that lets you control the lights, macro keys and gaming mode on Razer Keyboards. A few Ubuntu/Linux […]

My first script

I reinstall my system every couple of months or so and installing all my tools, software can be annoying. As such I’ve taken this as a sign to make my […]